Petrol & Diesel


The quest for cleaner petroleum fuel extends to all other forms of fuels, including petrol, in an effort to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Baaraan Petroleum  has invested significantly in Petrol blending and can realistically stake a claim as the industry leader in DRC Congo in that respect. Besides the obvious environmental benefits of this investment, our blending plants are set to significantly contribute to sustainable job creation as the envisaged growth in production volumes take effect.

At retail level, Baaraan Petroleum  offers a range of petrol grades to suit all customers’ cars. This comes in two derivatives; our high performance fuel which enables cleaner engines and fuel economy among other benefits as well as standard performance fuel for normal economy run.


The quest for lower combustive fuel emissions is a critical element of environmental preservation by the elimination of greenhouse gases.

Baaraan Petroleum is committed to playing a significant role in this noble endeavor and is focused on bringing cleaner fuel products into the market that work more proficiently with new vehicle engines designed to burn fuel more efficiently in a manner that enables lesser polluting emissions in line with modern world standards.

Our Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) products are refined to meet the world’s most stringent requirements on combustive fuel emissions. The diesel we deliver daily to our customers daily through our extensive network is of the highest quality and is consistent with the best world production standards.